It’s the downward curve in the yellow road.

It’s the drop of a coin into an open hand.

It’s the last pour of Chardonnay before the first Zinfandel comes in.

It’s the sweep of gold mixing with the migration of Monarchs.

It’s the bronze thread in Lucifer’s raiment.

It’s friends flying to warmer places

It’s the plunk of a pumpkin into a child’s wagon.

It’s a corn snake burrowing under a crimson blanket.

It’s the Gala apple grazing Eve’s palm.

It’s wet retrievers jumping into streams to fetch russet branches.

It’s the whole town of Ward burning Aspens down.

It’s witches teeth snapping in a trick or treaters bag.

It’s the last sunflower.

It’s the goodbye wave of grasses in open fields.

It’s the gusts of Don Juan rendering autumn dresses into cascading showers.

Its the trumpet of crickets and frogs chorusing farewells before they hide underneath coats of winter.

Alaska and Reunion camera 348

~ by dianeklammer on October 20, 2015.

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