The song of the fly

The music begins in the wings,
an annoying buzzing

that has us chasing
all over the house

following the whizzing arcs
then silence as she alights.

Flies sing too,
deserve to exist.

maybe not in the house,
but somewhere outdoors

as she darts
with skill as two winged

creatures do with ease,
lead a simple life,

tastes with feet, scavenges food,
encroaches on space.

How will the drama end?
Will the dog catch her in his mouth?

Will the human zip and bang
his way to a squashed mess

on the giant flat screen
window or sliding door?

Will she sing her way to safety
by a mountain stream?

Who is the invasive species
on this earth?

Cayucas and Misc 010

~ by dianeklammer on May 17, 2015.

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