Blister Package


The foil capsules big pharma makes
to hide migraine headache medicine.

What an awful name, how about
foiled chambers, Foiled again fool.

Try opening one with your temple
throbing, your fingernails bitten short,

Your hands shaky, your back killing you.
The price we pay for the miracle of life.

Our bodies house and move about
Until they stop, hurt cry and bleed.

If a child sees magic foil it is expected
He/she will be confused, unable to tear

It open. Sadly, childproofing
Works best on adults. Most kids

love puzzles, like to use their mouths
can grasp better that swollen older heads.

Best to hide the packet entirely, while
it is guaranteed you will forget, bellyaching

where you put it. More steps, more popping,
searching with watery eyes. Who’s griping?

I loved to run, learned how to tape
blisters, how to manage a headache

I lived life, learned how the mind works
Damned if I know why mine aches.

In the beginning headache medicine
had to be injected in the leg. Before

that there wasn’t any that really worked,
Some people swear by pressure points.

Or needles, neither which grab me. Life
is mindful clarity, not body lancing.

Or finding happiness amidst the confusion.
I will edit tomorrow lest you get a headache.

~ by dianeklammer on May 17, 2015.

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