Synchronized Swimmers

4518 Wow! they have long beaks

First there is a sky so laden
with feathery cumulus clouds
that it threatens to burst open.

Then a few clouds descend
into the water like lace paper kites
creating shadows above

water. Another glides in
and another until the sky
and lake are inverted

in an unsilence of landing,
a communion of unbroken
grace beneath early sun.

Twenty five white pelicans
have landed on Walden Ponds.
They waterglide in unison,

in an ancient gracedance delicate as
snowfall. Slowly these featherboats
pattern into a circle, floating like lotus

flowers, supporting precise instrument bills,
some showing bright orange breeding spots.
White suited synchronized swimmers

tighten the circle, and all at once
dive underwater together, tails in air
to remain for minutes scooping up

all the fishes they earlier herded
into the lakes center. A few lucky
escaped rainbows thrash whiplike

in shallow water, jumping near shore
while the rest are swallowed and the pelicans
resurface altogether to breathe and rest,

repeating the spectacle many times until they
have eaten their fill, then light up the lake purple
in twilight candles as they fly off at sunset.

Cayucas and Misc 333

~ by dianeklammer on February 12, 2015.

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