Pair of Eagle Poems


Bald Eagles at Cherryvale
Learning from eagles, studying the pair
nesting in a cottonwood tree.

Modest eagles had no idea
they were causing such a stir

sitting motionless
within their own silhouettes.

Yet, people were driving in the heavy snow
to get a glimpse of them,

parking their cars
by the side of the road,

standing in the blizzard
shivering in the cold

to watch these birds be,
until their own caps turned white.


How Far the Magnificent Allow Themselves to Fall
“A living fierce gyrating wheel.” Walt Whitman

As I walk, I hear the rotating earth catching
at each turn, echoing almost as if it is out of breath.

On the horizon, a pair of eagles spin together,
heedless of gravity or anything except each other.

They have flown to a dizzying height and allow
themselves to fall tumbling, clutching talons

ignoring earth until the last second as
they release and begin ascending again

in cloudless flight, freefalling in complete trust.
I watch the aerial acrobatics with envy,

experiencing humbling transcendence
at what cannot save me but still does.

Cayucas and Misc 199

~ by dianeklammer on February 12, 2015.

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