Cayucas and Misc 367

How healthy would
our earth be today if
humankind was just
another kind of monkey?

The grass and the crickets
may again re-inherit
the earth without ruining it.
Either way:

the planet will keep
turning on its axis
and the wind may still
inspire the raven to fly.

Could the yellow
Aspen foretell that
the evergreen Lodgepole
would burn scarlet by fall?

The climate warms,
The ice caps shrink,
greenhouse gasses multiply
and our atmosphere is thin.

What some men have
stolen during this last
mechanized century
cannot be given back.

Our species continues
to gamble with our world
when hell is the debt
and Lucifer takes no gold.

Ravens know an unkindness,
black wings on asphalt
mourning one of their own,
dead. Silence echoes louder

that a million cries.
This death witnessed
by those naturally dressed
in black. If war is war,
ravens know both sides
lose, memorizing each
human face. Eerily
they look alike to us

except for a rarity with silver
epaulets. Taking time to pause
before disbanding, a solid cloud
of black flies above looming cars.

Traffic can prove useful
as ravens sometimes drop
walnuts to crack underneath
approaching tires.

This time a fire went out:
If war is war, both sides
lose. Some humans dislike ravens
because their keen intelligence,

too much like ours, makes
them formidable opponents.
One can steal a fisherman’s line,
if he leaves and returns,

outsmarted by a bird soaring
at play with fish in beak. They
work with their surroundings,
adapting to changes of mankind.

No devils, no carriers of doom,
they are birds, nothing
more, certainly nothing less.
They do not alter our earth.

Our species continues
to gamble with our world
when hell is the debt
and Lucifer takes no gold.

~ by dianeklammer on February 12, 2015.

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