A Crow Also Rises as Lazerus

“If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them
would be clever enough to be crows.”

Was it a day like any other,
an island day,
a day of grey or sunlight,
water splashing over licorice stone,
obsidian smoothed by time,

when all Bangai Crows
rose from the dead
like Lazarus
on Peleng Island
Sulawesi, Indonesia?

Gone since 1900,
found in 2007
by shy or boisterous biologists,
did the trees glitter
with iridescent flashes

of feather, loud cawing
or fluttering of wings
as anxious ornithologists
looked though
field glasses?

Birding is a matter
of keen eyes,
of discerning ears
of quickly turning heads
to catch images of body or bill.

What a burgundy wine
celebration it is, rediscovering,
bringing back news of a species,
for those who concern
themselves with knowledge,

with the fate of earth,
not sunk somewhere
in a tired motorcar or boat,
in deep ignorance or denial,
but instead, face the rebirth

the rebuilding sight on,
just back from the brink.
A species not yet extinct,
can enjoy small miracles,
knowing those of timing,

sometimes in our hands,
sometimes not,
feeling pride of discovery,
of scientific diligence,
owning some humility

(as humble as any crow
would be in finding us)
and in matters of defeating
death, one must leap or fly
concurrently with looking.

~ by dianeklammer on February 12, 2015.

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