The Couple in This Photograph


If you ever forget that we got married,
I will show you our wedding photograph.
Thirty nine years to the day and counting
breaths and fights and farts and laughs.

I will remind you of two strangers
standing there wearing white.
Smooth handed glossy haired
taut skinned shiny eyed toothpaste

smiling what an ad.

How many cells have sloughed off,
have fallen with stardust
to be replaced with now?

Today we confront mirrors reluctantly
with fragile limbs achy voices wavering
wrinkly faces. This picture we stare at
reminds us again and again how short life is.

When I touch you, can you recall
The hands that didn’t quite know
what they were doing but it didn’t matter?

Now I read your body like the strings
on my guitar playing the chords
of a love song sung in the dark.

Listen to the songs of endurance,
love soothing drumming music
on your body as fading light
quietly settles in our hair.


~ by dianeklammer on February 10, 2015.

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