XYZ on August 28, 2013


My mother’s people

from her mother’s side

came from East Africa

to South America,

on a slave ship.

My mother

and my grandmother

were born in Bahia,

an ocean city in Brazil,

Latin America.

I look in the mirror

and see a white face,

from my fathers

Swedish ancestors.

I’m part Jewish.

Some of these facts,

were told by my family.

Others, I learned from

23&Me, after studying

my human genome,

watching the facts add

up on the mitochondrial

DNA, the double helix,

my unique indelible

code made by X & Y

from my parents at birth.

Soon DNA readings

will become common,

our own genetic

fingerprint,  marking us

in ways we can only

imagine as we continue

our journey as part

of the human family,

each carrying a rainbow.

Catholic, Jewish and Black,

a Ku Klux Klan’s nightmare

is my proud identity.

I have XYZ marked

on my forehead.

My white skin outside

my body bewilders

onlookers. One cannot

stereotype a person

by the color of skin.

A paper puzzle unravels

underneath.  It would

be easier if humans weren’t

so tribal, so exclusive,  some

so full of hate. I suppose

that’s how we evolved

to survive.  Today, we

must completely let go

of this mean side as we

become a global society.

“She has a touch of the tar brush,”

racists would say. “Dirty

Jew, Spic, Gringo”, etc.

So many of us a mixture.

There is no logic in hatred.

Today is the 50th

anniversary of the

Civil Rights March

in Washington, where

Martin Luther King Jr.

gave his “I Have a Dream”

speech.  Some of his dreams

came true, as more of us

held hands over the table,

vowed to embrace each other,

put aside hatred and loved.

our President Obama

is also a rainbow child.

May this be an XYZ century,

beginning August 28, 2013.


~ by dianeklammer on August 29, 2013.

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