One Hen in the Rooster House



One lone hen feathers her nest

in a white house

with photos

and figurines

of fifty roosters

decorating their den.


What is a lone girl to do

with all this erect comb


This is nearly unbearable,

would make any red blooded

female stir crazy. Cabin fever

takes on an entirely new meaning.


It’s surprised these cocks

haven’t discovered each other

and fought to smithereens.

Most of them are made of glass.


What a dangerous mess

if a few of them decided

to be cruising for bruising,

fly down

from the paintings, statues

or lamps they are in,

make chaos from an ordinary

din, recreate original sin.


Rooster cups bowls and platters

rest all over this place,

hoping chicken is not the preferred dish.

Lucky for them this is Florida

and most prefer fish.


~ by dianeklammer on August 26, 2013.

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