Bathtub Surfer




(for Roger)


Come my darling,

let’s go swimming in the ocean.

We hold the muted twilight

between our joined hands until our souls

are wet. A double rainbow slides us in

to electric Nirvana.

Siren song quiets

to a passing pod of dolphins.

Thick evenings of summer merge

into liquid marine. The air above is steam.

Our ravenous sea engulfs us in trembles and calms

of  snug harbors.

We catch swells slippery and glistening

in the fading light.

What a race to keep up with you,

elegant mammal locomotive

churning up your tracks of froth

while small children call from underneath the water.

Do you know they watch and learn from you?

Dive deep into the nectars and pleasures

of Nemo and Cousteau.

Does it matter that we an only submerged

up to our knees?

You amaze me, aquatic arc of ease.

You can body surf in a bathtub,

catch rides which barely exist

until you barrel into foam and shore

with a wave and a shrug.

Boy, you can barely wait to find another.

Please please yourself, my very own water bug.

Then submerge me into summer nights of love.


~ by dianeklammer on August 26, 2013.

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