(for mom)


The year the century turned

you danced out of life

leaving a hole in my heart.


You thought to fill it

by leaving your name

emblazoned everywhere


Outdoor Divas are on Pearl St, Boulder.

Diva’s radio blasts

in New Orleans


Diva’s dress shop

adorns Cocoa Beach, Florida.

You knew we’d want a reminder.


When you got married,

started us out as children,

your name was unheard of.


You never were a Prima Dona,

yet young girls wear your name

on their tee shirts.


In the Twenty first century,

Diva is now taking over the country,

an emblem for the best of the best.


Way to go, mom.

It’s time to show off.

Don’t let us forget.



~ by dianeklammer on August 25, 2013.

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