The ocean is a friend to me.

Friends are like the changing sea.

They both splash laughter in your eyes.

They both can sting and make you cry.

Friends can soothe away your pain.

Their waves can bring you peace again.


Friends may retreat and then be missed,

Then sneak behind and leave a kiss.

Their moods can ebb and flow like tide.

Friends take your feelings for a ride.

At times they knock your castles down,

Tease you as they hit the ground.


They write to you near water’s edge.

You may not like what they have said.

But time can wash the hurt away.

Then you’ll forgive; your love will stay.

If friends are real, their love is deep,

gentle as an ocean’s sleep.


Even when they can’t be there,

Their presence wafts through windy air.


~ by dianeklammer on August 24, 2013.

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