He collects psychic images
            of  girlfriends.

 He preserves them forever,
               keeping them
In his enormous date book:

                  pressed names
                  pressed flowers
                  pressed photos
                  pressed numbers

                                pressed after play.

 Squashed and bruised,
      the girls are never the same
             when he slams the book shut on them.

He has had so many the book never closes completely.

 Their  images remain
 filling up the empty corners of his own psyche


reflected back forever from mirrored sunglasses
                                  he had asked them to wear,

 the better to validate himself with.

Other mirrors appear as one night stands.
                                      Rear view mirrors shatter
                                               longer relationships

                                                          when he puts the brakes on.

 Then he doesn’t reflect much,
  except to say it will be bad luck if he stays.

 He must do what feels healthy for him.

He runs away,
owing each of them something more,
                                   but nobody can quite figure out what.

 Memories appear quite vague.
about girls used used for image purposes.

                       Nothing more –  nothing less –  nothing vanishes completely.

           He won’t ask permission
            to dig small graves

           when he plays.
                      Nobody keeps score.

     Occasionally a girl tells him he’s too good for her
                   when too much reality
                             shines in her eyes.

 He doesn’t argue with that.

 He falls in love again
                     the next morning
when he brushes his teeth.

 Someday he will  piss off
        the wrong girl
and turn into a white flower
              by his reflection of her

pressed in the pages of his own date book.

So many women
never wanted to share one penis.  
Especially such

                                                                       a small one.


~ by dianeklammer on August 23, 2013.

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