Oil Laments


It’s money in the bank
now now
it’s not
honey honey
toss it down
pick it up
burn it burn it
in your tank
from your wallet
it hides taking a nap
snap snap
now it’s open
in your lap
are ya getting
where ya gotta
fill it up fill it up
put it put it in your tank
wake up wake up
it’s a transformation
from the guzzle
to the vapors
to pollution
to the gridlock
SUV arms race
oil oil get away
use the ethanol
you can take my bike
you can take my running shoes
honey honey you choose
what you really have to lose


Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Testament Day 73



On Thursday June ten 2010, billionaire polluters of America’s

oil and natural gas industry took out a full page add

in major newspapers the color of executive money trees,


another buyout to reassure the masses that BP is working

to control the spill to the tune of ninety billion greenbacks.

How sweet that the perpetrators are responsible for the cleanup job.


Yet, the big drill and pump addiction continues.

Thousands of planes line up at airports for takeoff

 above oceans blackening with an ejaculation nobody can stop.


A countdown at the gas pump continues tallying

while millions pull back against rubber to inject steel

into their vehicles.  What a rush to get anywhere


with a giant heroin nobody can quite remember

starting to use.   Visible again in the news,

crude sludge is smothering the seas and gulfs,


a poison dug out of middle earth, decayed matter

once buried by  the natural wisdom of ancient forests

 modern man became out of step with not that long ago.


Most people see the oil crisis news briefly between commercials

or programs on TV,  hovering over their zoned out awareness

like pollution in the over warmed laminate of our atmosphere.


Seabirds swim through petroleum smell and sheen. Dead zones

get bigger.  Sea turtles are being burned alive at BP’s hands.

 New oil huddles in the panhandle, an unfathomable continuance


of dirty politics and war to use more and more of a toxic product

that most know is in dwindling supply.  Peasants beg in vain to kings

to spare lives while riches in gold or black pile up in their castles.


Sing the oil addiction dithyramb with the car radio:  “Sweat, blood, tears, snot and piss

                                                                                      Americans use oil like sheep.

                                                                                     Gasoline in the USA is still pretty cheap.”


~ by dianeklammer on August 23, 2013.

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