Lands of Opportunity




The tired, the poor, the hungry,

multiply like rain,

            (“It’s raining, ma’am. Can you spare some change?”)

lie asleep on concrete,

look at us with pain.

            (She huddled in front of Safeway.  My wallet was empty.)

Weathered with discouragement,

 too fatigued to care,

            (I looked at her.  “Are you hungry?” I asked)

families shiver mirroring

their child’s vacant stare.

            (“I only live a few blocks away.  I can bring you some hot food.”)

Some build makeshift shelters

out of boxes and old cars.

            ( “OK,” she said listlessly.)

Another night of piercing cold

is drowned by liquor jars.

            ( I got in my car and drove home.)

Many panhandle for money,

get frostbite from the snow.

            ( When I got inside, I heated some leftover stew in the microwave.)

Steal food from trash routinely.

Where can these people go?

            (When the food was hot, I covered it in plastic wrap.)

A ruthless broken system,

greediness still reigns,

            (I left the house)

stealing houses from five million,

turning poverty into gains.

            (and drove back to the grocery store.)

The problem is bipartisan.

We spend billions on defense,

            (She was not where I left her.)

have not addressed the rising costs

stopping people from making rents.

            (I drove around the parking lots to find her.)

We can sit and read the newspapers,

 hope economic troubles pass,

            (She was gone.)

If we don’t solve the problems,

we’ll all be sleeping on the grass.

            (I drove home alone in the rain.)




~ by dianeklammer on August 23, 2013.

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