The Third Lung


(for Rob and Brenda)


Some people grow in their chest a novelty.

A third lung lurks within them,

a biological anomaly.


“It’s odd, it’s not possible,” you say.

Try living around Boulder.

You will meet such people every day.


Runners in the city you can probably name.

never stop this galloping game.

They put horses and racecars and cheetahs to shame.


College girls swing iron with ease.

One hundred pound weights, just a breeze,

to them is only a tease.


Then there are those who can dance while they sing,

wear a hole in the floor with a shrug and a grin,

from one wall to the other. They don’t wreck anything.


Don’t tire of those hikers with such get up and go,

they don’t look at the scenery racing uphill.

Sixty MPH is much too slow.


Notice those swimmers, but try not to stare.

Those people don’t bother to come up for air,

now or later,  not even their hair.


If that weren’t enough to make one seem tough,

Seventy year old ladies travel to Nepal for real stuff.

For these fit gals Everest’s not too rough.


You try to keep up but you’re only fifteen

You can’t seem to do it.  It’s just too extreme.

So you go to bed instead and you start to dream.


You had this anatomy when you were quite young.

It would drive your mom crazy,

that vestigial third lung.


You constantly wailed in your dad’s third ear.

Forgot you had an ability to carry on for a year.

When you finally got quiet he could no longer hear.


When school is over after you become older,

that persistent third lung will reappear.

You will have to move back here to Boulder



~ by dianeklammer on August 22, 2013.

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