The Egg Lady



You carry yourself

with such regal bearing.

Time cannot erase

each mark of character

that gently lines  your face.


You are a tribute to maturity,

a study in contemplative grace.

You create each moment anew.

Did you carve your initials

in a special tree

when you were a youth?


Your expression remains

a double present,

a promise of renewal.

You speak truth

like poems do.


Without words you

carve out an eternal memory.

Bring your gifts.

Onlookers can construe.


Your hand cradles

fragile unborn life.

No shell, you

do not reveal strife.

Keep this trade

close to your heart.


You radiate strength.

Your cane holds you,

You hold eggs

in a basket cup.

You and these

stay forever safe

in the woods.










~ by dianeklammer on August 22, 2013.

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