Workout Studios


(After Elizabeth Robinson- for Gene, Michael, Brandon and Sarah)



I  Leg Press


The movement is repetitive:

 it emulates walking.


 Helplessness occurs

in recline. The body creates


an inverted question mark.

Eyes contemplate dots on ceiling.


The inclination is to push:

 Strength against gravity.


Motion linguistics speak

 of leg strategies and the need to rest.



II  Hanging Leg Raises


The body makes

a horizontal pronoun.


The midsection bends

an I to an L. (ILL)


Lower legs dangle,

mirroring the question.


How much repetition

is required to fortify the core?


Hands clench. Feet remain dangling:

modifiers of a counting mouth.



III  One Arm Rows


The back is the fulcrum.

It must remain straight.


Heavy metal is supported,

rotated to a primitive beat.


The bench becomes a boat

of submission.  A passenger


bows in homage to a teardrop

arm: a deft embrace.



IV  Push Ups


One reclines parallel =

Rises to backslash/.   Kisses


the ground.  Pays ancient homage

to the amour of the strong.


V  Treadmill


The heart as a persistent hunter

for an adrenaline rush.


Longevity defeats ennui

with musical footprints,


patterns distance with

stationary meditation.


Runners in communion do

laps for a serotonin calm.



VI   Spin


Pupils rotate eyes:

Study the leader.


At the front of the ring:

Orbital repetition.


Legs tiredly pedal loops.

Wheels circulate curves.


Notes of a song sing

from a upbeat CD:


Betrothal to nowhere

on a diamond of spokes.


VII  Swim


First one must join

with water:  Dissolve


reluctance into liquid.

Cold muscles fight,


Streamline past resistance.

Strokes revert into intention,


then become insistent curves:

kick and breath patterns


develop a taste for water,

grow into a swimmer’s body.


One makes beauty from de-

parture, endurance from return.


VIII  Yoga


Bodies stretch heavenward,

perform salutations.


Simultaneously they tie

and loosen themselves.


Each mind bends

the band of the body


into postures that conquer

its unquiet nature.


Discover heartflow

without missing a beat.


Peace exists within

the center: In the aching


the awkward, the noisy,

a universe from the Creator.






~ by dianeklammer on August 18, 2013.

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