Spiders have eight.

Insects have six.


A fine glass of wine

has as many


as one can find.

I have two.


It’s a surprise,

the sheer mileage they cover.


Today I hiked with my twenty

year old nephew.


Grasshoppers jumped out all over the trail.

Those showoffs have wings.


Then we cycled. Movement

is not all in the wheels.


Ask how legs feel

when the pedaling is done?


It was fun but tiring.

No more running today.


My legs, they’re begging

to stop,


be elevated,

lest they break off


praying mantis style,

daddylongleging this and that.


Gosh that I had four,

not that I’d know what to do.


It’s confusing enough with two.

The admirable centipede


has so many for such a small brain.

How can she control them all?


I guess that’s why she bites.

Admire millipedes in glass jars.


Shine up those skis,

natural extensions of legs.


But later please.

Dancing will have to wait.


Frankly I ache.

Can’t wait for a date with Ben Gay


This is a personal tale.

I long for a massage and permission


to borrow the giant foot

of an even larger snail.





~ by dianeklammer on August 18, 2013.

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