Artist Opening




She paints women on canvas

with wide open blue eyes

                                sketched to eternity 

in vivid line color.


Red roses float in media,

not vases.

                                She creates a joyful malaise.


I asked about her work.

What inspires such bright ideas?

                               She made little effort to search

for words.

Perhaps she felt weary.


“If you knew about my life

                                                  you would know,”

she replied.



She expected me to get it.

                                                       I guess

I draw blanks,


                                           fling words around

like some shovel snow.

At times I’m inefficient,

                                            at times absurd.


Yet I try to answer

questions completely.

                           People get a verbal barrage.


She could do lively images

of  faces in frames.

Each is a great life mirage.

But at conversation

                                       she fell flat

on hers.

“But to paint like that,”

                                                    I’d whisper.






~ by dianeklammer on June 25, 2013.

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