Buddhist Prayer Beads



 “You’ve got to learn how to fall before you can learn to fly.”

                                                                                  Paul Simon


I wrote small poems

on pieces of bark

taken from a pile wood chips

as I sat on the ground.


Later I arranged them in an order

that the wind soon took away.

This was no random circumstance

but a deliberate action


of creating to let go.

Most love is thus:

the bond of motherhood

to be tugged apart as the empty nest,


the string of boyfriends

who eventually become unattached,

the close friends who don’t

keep in touch.


Even in marriage with its persistent

ups and downs and the inevitable

parting at death,

farewells are splintering facts of life.


Solace appears

with the next arrow

lurching the heart

back over the cliff.


So I took a wooden Mala

of Buddhist beads that wrote

itself to me from the bark

on the ground and wore it


happy for that moment,

in love with what I had found

for the rest of that day,

ready to receive the next event.



~ by dianeklammer on June 20, 2013.

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