Bahia and Rio

Today I’m getting ready for Book Club.  We’re reading “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands” by Jorge Amado from Bahia Brazil, and I’m looking for good Brazilian appetizer recipes.  Jorge and my Grandfather Arlindo Leoni were friends, both schooled in law.  My grandfather is not as famous as Jorge, but he was judge, congressman and governor elect of Bahia on March 29, 1924 but never took office, as it was given to banker Goes Calmon, despite him having fewer votes than Arlindo Leoni. Both Arlindo and Jorge cared deeply about the people of Bahia.  I have never visited Bahia, were my mother was born, but had the luck to be in Rio de Janeiro twice, where she grew up. I wrote this on my first visit, overlooking the beaches of Leblon and Copacabana where my parents met during WWII.



The active city never sleeps

a central heart whose cadence beats

at night as steady throb,

by light as lively mob.

Each day the song repeats.

Civilization moves through and within

a natural wonder that will not dim.

large buildings and bustle,

the rhythmic hustle

can’t conceal  beauty which has always been.

Beaches and buildings unite as one

in circular patterns round as the sun.

Mountains reach up and around.

Views blend magically with sound,

casting spells to be never outdone.

The people move and sway

with graceful motion in a natural way,

radiating love of life

even in poverty and strife

and a cheerfulness troubles can’t fray.

The city permeates my soul

with a love I can’t control.

I will say good bye

with a heart that cries

For a part of me no longer whole.

Though I’ve been to Rio in my dreams

in my younger days it seems

that although I’m here

And can touch everyone near,

the fantasy remains.

In my blood two countries flow.

Each beckons me to come and grow.

They both are mine.

Home’s hard to define

and traveling’s too slow.

Bahia 1 I hope to visit Bahia soon.

~ by dianeklammer on June 12, 2013.

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