If You Take My Space, I’ll Give You My Handicap

To the young blond who pushed ahead me while I leaned on my cane to use the handicapped restroom stall.

To the young college student who rushed ahead and slammed the door at the Wells Fargo Kiosk at Pearl Street both going in and coming out sneering, “You need your card to open the door.”

To the families who pushed me out of the way as I hobbled to the handicapped changing room and take the room at the East Boulder Recreation Center.

To the Lady behind me who said, ”la la la la, can you go any slower?” as I tried to move as fast as I could through the aisles of whole foods with a cane and shopping cart.

To the truck driver that blocked all three handicapped spaces at Elevations Credit Union for twenty minutes with his truck.

To all the drivers who parked in the handicapped parking without a placard.

To the families who took over the therapy lane at East Boulder Recreation Center and ignored me as I inched to the pool and to the athletes who did the same.

To the drivers who honked at me as I carefully backed out .

To walkers who rushed ahead of me and laughed at me for being too slow.

“I’ll gladly give you this space if you take my handicap.”


~ by dianeklammer on June 6, 2013.

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