Bluebirds and Behavioral Therapy


You only have to look

and they will find you.

The bluebirds


on the edge of the trail

darting in and out of the underbrush

will find you.


I just missed happiness,

could feel it get close,

couldn’t quite grasp it,


couldn’t quite take a breath,

let it fill me with its light.

Why can’t I just let happiness happen?


I would bet Mountain

Bluebirds don’t contemplate

their own fate in this way.


As far as I can see

they seem content just being blue,

to release and shimmer wherever they are.


Yet I examine everything

to infinitude with poor eyesight,

rail at any creator


that put me on this marble of a planet

to suffer which wastes a lot of time when

I could be spreading my wings in the sun.


This is tunnel vision.

I see it only in hindsight

through elusive binoculars


I often forget

to carry because I am thinking about other

issues which weigh me down.


I’m learning to throw feathers

to the wind,

and let them land where they may.


~ by dianeklammer on May 28, 2013.

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