(for Aaron & Audrey)

 (Of all the work I have done in life, being a mother is the most awe inspiring.)

The first time we were introduced I thought I had the flu.
Aaron, with you this sensation was new.
Audrey, by this time I knew it was you.

This morning sickness, which, by the way, lasted all day,
joins a butterfly fluttering
fit for this metamorphosis.

We were each two people together
wrapped in a cocoon,
a globelike womb
that presented itself to the world
despite anything I could do:

I wondered at who
was helping me
build this magic baby canoe.


Motherhood is a stage
for a play in three acts,
so the experts say.

But I say it is a continuous triathlon,
a sweet mystery which overtakes the body,
a process not of mere textbook facts:

When the giant orange that you become
ripens enough through and through,
your navel
demands to fly across the room.

The earthquake comes
only it lasts longer.
You try to climb out of the pain
you hope you can conquer.

You launch through.
At the end it is worth it.

I can’t help envy men
with their brief involvement of ecstasy
who wait proudly

for half of their genes to be born
while womens’ bodies
are being torn asunder.

Men, be kind to your mothers.
Men, be kind to your wives.
They give you life. They give you life.


~ by dianeklammer on May 13, 2013.

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