Have Trouble with Poets

Image                           \\\Dam Paintings 258\\

(for Jack Collom)

Dingbats. Twiddlers. Whizkids.

Firebrats in Kalamazoo.

Help! Invite rabble-rousers.

Nurture poets in the schools.


Students become flabbergasted.

Nobody follow the rules.

Teachers who run classes,

throw out the book of tools.


Unsuffocate the paper.

Scare moths from old school bells.

Fragment punctuation.

Find novel words.  Cast spells.


Someone eat a pencil.

Drink a leaky pen. Splat!

Spit out words for breakfast.

Let ideas fly out like bats.


Throw resistance out classroom windows.

Write graffiti in sad lunch yards.

Accelerate word tangos.

Write poems on library cards.


Unblock stuck up marble halls.

Blaze novel rhythmic fires.

Don’t measure up to silent walls.

Shout lyrics to the choirs!


~ by dianeklammer on May 13, 2013.

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