Planet of the Apes




Advanced apes

play in an arms race

with the capability


of destroying the planet

with nuclear bombs

and the lesser ones made

in a row.


Yesterday a tower toppled over

on women and children,

took over seven hours to go.


Just a war casualty.


Advanced apes

happen to be

too lethal to be trusted

with such weaponry,


will not dispose of them.

What a dilemma.


See no evil hear no evil speak no evil leaders

act as if they were two,


 scare any sane person

nearly to death.


So called crazy ones

draw a quick breath

before downing their next medication.


Help wanted: dedication

to sort out this deadly confusion,

stuff the bombs into a giant balloon,


let it disappear into the sky.

What a dreamer,  right?

Who really wants the earth to die?


Remember how the Planet of the Apes


How it ended?




~ by dianeklammer on April 22, 2013.

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