In Honor of Boston



For the last decade or so I would do a meditation run every day and consequently wrote a lot of running poems. Later I hurt my back and had to stop, but not before doing the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon and a half triathlon along with several Bolder Boulders on Memorial Day, which is coming up next month.  Recently these poems have made me sad because I can’t run anymore, but I am dedicating one to the runners in the Boston Marathon where the last thing on their mind was senseless violence.

Daily Tread

(after Robert Frost for the Runners)

A tale stretches out on a grassy trail.

I run to the story every day.

Blossoms fall into streams and sail

with untold meaning they entail

to where I otherwise stop to pray.


I wish I could share my wandering

with any friend who dreams to share

this magical journey of pondering.

Fleetness or lazy sauntering

beckons my loved ones to join me there.


It is more than some fanciful place

of physical push or tremor of heart,

where cycles of runners of merit chase

their own wishes and faithfulness to impart.

Achievement shines on every face.


I pass in my journeying running wood,

giving encouragement with expression,

conversation if I could.

Hardships dissolve with my intention.

I offer what peace can be understood.


~ by dianeklammer on April 17, 2013.

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