Great Blues


A prehistoric ballerina

covered in blue feathers


flew over a gray pond

at Pella Crossing,


blending with silver water

mirroring  a cottonwood grove.


Everything about her

was gangly on land,


graceful  in the air.

Another twilight flier


landed on water and I swear

they danced open winged,


shimmering  as if she had been

been practicing for thousands


of centuries with the shamans .

Many twenty- first century


pterodactyls live together

in condominiums with an


aerial view of the ponds,

mothers hovering over babies


in the nests underneath.

It’s the coming and going


of these dancing dragons

that impresses the most


when the fly into a fire

sunset to look like gods


and step only on water

before disappearing


reed like into the shoreline

at twilight before


spearing that last fish

to bring back to the rookery.


~ by dianeklammer on April 17, 2013.

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