Dragons are good for the spirit.

They too are full of hot air.

We may fool ourselves with flying

advances through technology,

but people breathe medieval fire.


We live – we love – we fight – we die.


Scale back the truth.

It’s really quite simple.

We blow smoke up unmentionable places,

blush red, turn green,

build castles of mortar and dreams,


create wonder and devastation,

search for indulgence,

try to shrug off ridicule.


Yet we let those dragons in,


recognize them as part of us,

try to slay them,

allow them to battle for us,

give them magic we’d not find without them,


ride on their backs for adventure,

enjoy the fortress,

the view of the castle,

the battle – the history,

the tale – the singe of the wings,


hope that their natural fire touches us

enough that we feel passion,

not so much to facilitate our destruction,

as we shed old skins.


It is human nature to create

a mythical beast.

We love to make things complicated.

We are artists after all,

know about crocodiles,

learn about dinosaurs.

Go figure.

Dragons are good for the spirit.


~ by dianeklammer on April 17, 2013.

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