Wait on the wind,

catch a scent of salt,           Philip Levine

call it our life.



Now the jellyfish float by the boat

like golden stepping stones


inviting us to climb underneath

the moon on their backs.


When Christ walked on water,

He probably paused on a humid


evening to walk on floating lanterns,

gelatin fire umbrellas


while  phosphorescence

outlined His white robes.


Each drop of seawater holds

secrets of  the universe,


from the atoms to the protists

to the molecules in the bodies


of giant humpback whales,

making song for the conch.


All these droplets move through jellyfish,

undulating corpuscles, ethereal Medusas.


We cannot touch them with our feet,

fallen and stung species that we are.                                     Diane Klammer


~ by dianeklammer on April 12, 2013.

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