Deer in Indian Paintbrush at Point Lobos

(for Mary Oliver)


The children and I

wandered along a coastal path

playing nature detective,

searching for clues.


I was to teach

how plants and animals coexist

within rugged mountain

and seaside terrain.


We laughed and celebrated

along one cliff side

reveling amidst each vista

of living surprises.


Three mule deer appeared as if

on cue and posed with unparalleled grace

before wandering on

as we stood in awe.


Then a little voice practically

whispered in my ear,

“Big deal. They are only deer.”

He was only eleven.


I could only speak from a hope

to impart wisdom, to answer a question

truthfully about why I appreciate life,

during this brief natural connection.


“Common beauty repeated

is still beauty, and it amazes me

every time it crosses my path,” I said.

I wondered if he was happy


and wanted to ask him, but had no right.

Yet, I believe he also was as secretly

moved as the others were more openly

by that simple moment of peace.


~ by dianeklammer on April 10, 2013.

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