Changing Shapes



(UCSB Parent’s Weekend for Aaron)


Abstract landscapes of vision,
cubicles, hexagrams quadrangles
and strange instructors
shape you, my son,
into a scientist.


Your sister and I
make a beeline to your door,
straight as the road will allow.
The freeway stops dead
at the university gates,
abrupt with two winged gargoyles
on guard.


My position in the car
is as you remember it:
shoulders curled in anticipation,
my mind a question mark.
Bewildering architecture
draws us into your building.


Your cube of a room
with the bed above,
the desk underneath,
delineates your territory.

We become guests
on this new map.
Two dots surround
a horizontal line.


In the dining hall
friends create a meta- ring.
Crystalline jokes
hold a saltshaker on a tilt.
Humor bounces back and forth.


Your ring of sapphire blue becomes
a six pointed star.

Rapid fire conversation
in hexagonal patterns amuses.

Physics of a game of pool
confuses imaginary lines
which diagram the table.

It is late. I am cross.
Amidst strange shores
of unfamiliar waves breaking
into spur of moment decisions,
I feel lost

into an ellipsis of unknown.


Earlier in the evening

we saw a pyramid.
The ever burning light
slowly diminishes from me.

 Only five weeks into college,
I can no longer hold you.
Your mind, always intricate
is a distant million light years away
two hours down the road
at UCSB.


What will happen
in the next years?

Only yesterday
you stood on tiny legs,
clinging to me before
running off to explore

your toddler world.


My legs are stems,

Roman numerals
which will sink

into the earth
as I remain waiting,
a vine growing near this tree

towering above me.                                

The circle is incomplete
as I let go.




~ by dianeklammer on April 10, 2013.

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