St. Cecelia by John Waterhouse

Sleep Cecelia.  You had a time lately.

Your husband has been killed.

You’re on the martyr list.

In your time it didn’t take much

to anger the Romans.  Even saints

had to tread with care.

You remain lovely in gold threads

adorning your fine white skirt.

What a beautiful view you have

to read the Good Book by.


Slumber in your oceanside garden.

Breathe in crimson climbing roses,

lawns of poppies, sweet scents of sea.

Hear angels playing lutes, harps

organs, violins. Sing in your dreams

under a breezy Mediterranean sky.

Sun pour down and warm your tired face.

Evening gently fade to deep blue,

color of mental clarity in the key of C.

Soften the edges of upcoming trials.


Patron saint of music,

command calm sleep.

Reign forever in peace.


~ by dianeklammer on April 8, 2013.

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