Those Voices Whispering



Emmanuel told me he hears Jesus whispering in his ear.  Jesus told him to change his name to  Christ.  It used to be Bob.  I asked him if Jesus had anything to say about Roy’s employment plans. He told me he couldn’t tell me because he was afraid of God’s teeth and chocolate cake.  We made an appointment for next Wednesday.


Rachael heard gunshots at her window last night.  She and her three kids hid under the bed.  She was shaking as she made her way to my office, had to switch busses three times.  Last week there were riots and the National guard had machine guns poised on Westminster Boulevard.

Some of the best minds in the country think Rachael has PTSD.  She can’t sleep.  I asked if she had a bus pass.


Laura picked up some stuff from last week’s riot from the street, a pair of sandals and a boom box.  The voices were telling her to put it back.  I told her we would schedule psychological testing for next week.


Jennifer wouldn’t let go of her mail.  She couldn’t trust the post office because she heard the postman telling her he would tear it up.  I had to lead her by the hand to the post office and have her let go of the mail personally.  It was traumatic and she tells me the voices tell her to check the mailbox every fifteen minutes.  We are working on a plan where she sets a timer.  Bing goes the alarm.


Larry takes crystal meth to deal with the voices telling him they stole his brain.  He is underweight and never sleeps at home.  His parents are worried sick.  We had to hospitalize him this morning. The therapist in the next office could hear him crying.


Jill has catatonia.  The voices sing gospel music and commanding her not to take her medication.  She has been lying around listening to religious programs, ignoring her four kids.  Her mom and sister are living with her.  This afternoon she was as stiff as a board as the paramedics took her away.


John listens to the love radio program and is convinced he has a telepathic relationship with the disc jockey.  He wants to work with his voice, having been a telephone operator for seven years.

I got him a job doing recordings for the blind.  He says he only calls into the radio once a week.

I asked him to write his request ahead of time.


Bill and Lynn came in arguing about living at the Salvation Army.  Bill is angry all the time and the voices are telling Lynn to leave him. He stormed out of the office and bent his bicycle into bits while hearing machine guns blasting.  Lynn wanted to know if she should leave him.  I couldn’t answer her question.


Carol calls me at two AM.  The voices are telling her to commit suicide.  I had to hospitalize her over the phone.  I can still hear her psychiatrist telling me she is all mine.  I can still see her bent over.  I can still hear her crying.


Now, while in bed, I hear insects hitting the window.  I hear cats fighting in the night.  I can hear their voices whispering.



~ by dianeklammer on March 28, 2013.

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