Bull Elk

“The bull elk is a magnificent fellow

of antler and muscle and grace.

his bugling can turn a person to jello

imagine the effect on the cow.”



It’s October, and that

bull elk is strutting,

rutting and bugling his heart out again.

Boy, does he have a big job to do.


He bellows like a fool,

shrill and to the point.

He butts heads with other males.

He doesn’t have a moment’s peace.


The circle of the herd

continually enlarges.

He has to constantly

tighten it.


The cows keep wandering off.

He collects them.

Other males try to ‘horn’ in.

He chases them away.


He doesn’t bother to eat,

can barely take time out to drink water,

loses half of his body weight,

keeps continuously moving


so he can eventually

sow his seed. He may, in time,

wander off to die

after the rut is over.


Is this “All mine oneupmanship”

really necessary?

Sometimes I think

evolution makes mistakes.


~ by dianeklammer on March 27, 2013.

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