Pulling up Roots




Sometimes you can leave the roots on,

let them dangle,

have the luck

to be a seedling growing.


Sometimes you must pull the roots up,

blow away down the road,

clutching tiny remnants

of yesterday’s deeds.


Goodbyes can be prickly,

sticking, picking up dirt.

Goodbyes can cut, can really hurt,

can leave you in pieces,


dried up, stepped on, flattened out,

windblown over pushed down grass,

running, rolling free, not free.

Sometimes you just have to let go,


become a tumbleweed

as you watch the earth spin,

as  leftover brambles trip you

from the air, from the ground,


as a relationship unravels,

throws you around,

untangles brittle memories,

snags others into a permanent mass,

tears you up, drags you down.


~ by dianeklammer on March 23, 2013.

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