Avenue Maria

Hail, do not look for me,

for you aren’t what you seem Maria.

Undeserving of your name,

Maria, yours does not ring holy.


Guessing where you might be dwelling,

a snake swims in your tea, Maria.

Wishing sooner I could see

your hymn was not for me, Maria.


Hearing of you, praises sung

believer I became, Maria.

Fool am I, and for so long,

deceiver, now I know, Maria.


Baffled and betrayed am I,

I couldn’t hold you, fair Maria.

Whispered prayers come and go.

Your love was just a lie, Maria.


Grace does not shine true today

in your remembered face, Maria.

Bright eyes cannot burn me now

or pierce my soul, my space, Maria.


Ordinary, you are not,

but you’re no special love, Maria.

Something, anything at all

that you forgot to say, Maria?


Glories, beads and saints fall rolling,

broken, battered loose, Maria.

A rosary became a noose

scattered on the floor, Maria.


Fascination with you halted.

I cease to play your game, Maria.

Dreams of you create a cold

image on my wall, Maria.


A deeper love I had I than yours.

I’m certain of that now, Maria.

Other cups will catch my wine.

It splashes yet remains, Maria.


Music played, I must go home,

escaping on my own, Maria.

Another hand than yours will take

me to the promised land, Maria.


~ by dianeklammer on March 23, 2013.

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