(for Loraine)


The train you pull

is eighty times

three hundred sixty five

cars long and counting

in a sequence

gliding by in perspective

clattering with every type

of noisy scenery painting

one lifeline of happenstance

of temporary compartments

filled with laughing voices carried

squiggly pauses on the run

thoughts fleeting

new shoots flourishing

cargo wondering why it passes

so quickly on this dizzying ride

not being able to keep track

of wheels spinning fireworks

clocks shooting upwards

turning the earth around

pulling for loved ones

following wherever you go

not just whistling “Dixie”

but hard work

puffing for survival

rushing then coasting

on moments of fun

remaining the strong


of your warm heart

shining its light.


~ by dianeklammer on March 22, 2013.

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