Naval Meditation




The idea is that you would submerge into darkness

until an original thought issues forth from the lint.


Instead you realize how much extra

adipose is unable to evaporate,


looks wrong,

stymieing the exerciser.  How to make


departure out of adipose:

Girth melt!


That helplessness

comes from wanting out


of a cave of your own making.

Fat refuses to evaporate.


It is a stubborn entity,

bringing gifts otherwise conforming


to rules of property,

your own tight clothes.


You think of the impractical

idea: having to buy  new ones.


Wishing for a chamber

of not quite weightlessness but


less to remain bidden

by contemplation of minimum concentration,


you continue to retain

water during downward examination.







~ by dianeklammer on March 22, 2013.

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