Mushroom Cloud


“Politics should only be discussed on all fours.”  Timothy Leary


mushroom, “Today, the cold

war has disappeared but thousands of

if you explode those weapons

have not.  In a strange turn of history,

the threat of global nuclear war has gone

down, but the your spores risk of a nuclear attack has gone up.

More nations have acquired these weapons.  Testing will cover

has continued.  Black markets the trade in nuclear secrets and

materials.  The technology to build a earth bomb has spread.

Terrorists are determined to buy, build or steal one…

Some argue that the with a dark spread of these weapons

cannot be death cloud. checked-that we are

destined Most of us to live in a world where

more know mushrooms nations and more people

possess the decay.  ultimate tools

of Still destruction. we propagate

This fatalism is a deadly

adversary. Still we cultivate. For

if Still we believe that

we the spread

of nuclear watch

weapons is you

grow even inevitable,

then we are

admitting to

as ourselves that the

use of nuclear weapons is inevitable we cringe,

So today I state clearly and with conviction

America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of

A world without nuclear weapons.

I’m not naive.  This goal will not be reached quickly -perhaps not in my lifetime.  It will take

patience and persistence. in fear of  But now we too must ignore the voices who tell us that the

your smoky shroud world.cannot change.”  BARACK OBAMA,  PRAGUE, 2009

Mushroom Cloud, Diane Klammer, 1975

~ by dianeklammer on March 22, 2013.

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