How blue are you

flying from Kansas, Mr. claws,

like Dorothy flew?

Is Boulder your Oz?


Do you find your guardian odd?

Do you love me all over?

Furry acrobat from God,

you are such a rover.


You fetch like a dog,

yowl like ten babies,

Sleep like a log,

Do nighttime cat crazies.


This entire house space

makes your territories,

No mouse corner is safe

from curious cat stories.


You slide across countertops,

flip across the floor,

Get tangled in the mops,

Rush out the door.


You rumble, my motorboat,

leap precarious ledges,

hide under my coat,

create nine new edges.


You hide in drawers

drop into my lap,

eat all my flowers,

run then collapse.


You purred a hole in my heart

from day number one.

Don’t tear the house apart,

but keep having fun.


Remain in my arms

without green eyed tears.

Shower me with your charms

for a good many years.





~ by dianeklammer on March 22, 2013.

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