Morning Shell Collecting



Awaken Apollo,

play with the lady in red.

Allow her to paint the sky

from memory

with the dyes

from last night’s gown.


Today the horn

of the dawn roars

bullfight strong,


crashes down on the horizon

of summer’s tide

arousing the ocean

in a pulse of color

rising with a curtain of light.


No creature can hide

as the insistent sunrise

burns its impression

into Scallops, Tellins and Arcs.


Tiny butterfly clam shells

turn orange

as intricate patterns burst

from their surfaces

like copper fireworks

which light up the shoreline

for miles.


Walk, run, bicycle ride

to collect the day

in two chest pockets

of  a burgundy blouse,

and consider

what to give back

to the sea,

and what to keep.




~ by dianeklammer on March 21, 2013.

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