Listen to Loggerheads


(for Anne Waldman)


Listen to loggerheads

slam into dead sands of mourning.

Vultures eat paramecium infested


carcasses.  Begin to rot,

Spirulina river.

Spit up emeralds


for greedy corporations.

Leavings of shells

from disintegrating beaches


crunch underneath moldy sandals.

Are you disinterested in a cypress soup world?

Lodgepole pines fall into moss lake


while elsewhere, our water supply diminishes.

Gaze at the stalactites

floating on the surface.


Paint the turtles snapping,

unconfined to beaches where porcelain eggs lay.

Sneak back into sanctuary


you protected species.

Let your rare days multiply

into wild mosaic offspring


while the earth rejoices.

Ignore humans murmuring their

decayed breaths of indifference.

~ by dianeklammer on March 21, 2013.

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