Great Horned Owl


You make a silent shadow
against the moon on the rise.
You fly off to do your hunting
deep beneath twilight skies.

You’re a spooky glider
in the air at night.
To a rabbit or a mouse
you can be a deadly fright.

Superb killing machine, you
startle your prey.
You see equally well
at night or in day.

You hide and seek,
though it’s not play.
You can hear a mouse squeak
half a mile away

Stealth hunter, you
fly without noise.
You swoop, grabbing your dinner.
Your beak and talons aren’t toys.

You swallow prey whole
Mr./Ms. Greedy Gus,
then vomit fur pellets
without much fuss.

Your loud hoots and hisses
resound through your space
of one mile square.
Your calls earn you your place.

You became mascot of Athena
harbinger of death.
Literature aside,
you’re no true intellect.

Swivel your head.
Blink those huge yellow eyes.
We won’t get carried away,
for you are not that wise.


~ by dianeklammer on March 21, 2013.

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