Obsesson with the Letter O

O shows up wherever one looks.

Owl eyes gaze at doughnut holes.

Sliced onions fly from wild cooks.

Thumb circles sink for one who bowls.


That oh so perfect shape to know.

Discover it in world and globe.

Behold whole rainbows, quite a show.

Unbroken bubbles glow as strobe.


O makes tones in notes and solos,

voices choir songs, scores and chords.

Oboes violins trombones cellos,

orchestral music without words.


O shows up in new balloons,

opal moons and wooden hoops,

marks from glasses in saloons,

reflects in pools and makes cool loops.


Drops of moisture condensed on glasses,

coiled cobras beneath wound hoses,

oval mirrors framing lasses,

children playing rings round roses.


O’s OK and ho ho ho.

Jack O lanterns new lassos.

Stoplight blink stop, go go go.

Furtive glances smooth tattoos.


Soulful holy curve of Os,

touching lovers spoken oath,

forever hopes tomorrow knows

Morning Glories joyful growth.


Go you omnipotent O.

Cover ghosts immortal moans.

Ornament from head to toe

with spiral scrolls on lone tombstones.






~ by dianeklammer on March 20, 2013.

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