Carne at the Dime Toss


He stood by stuffed jungle beasts.

Intense green eyes burned from a lined

face, craggy, marked by humor and hard

sun.  Parents of children, boyfriends,

the various players circled the plates

balanced on large jungle animals.

Most of the coins hit the net or ground.

It seemed a losing game, this dime toss.

The plates seemed tilted against success.

Then suddenly a dime landed squarely

inside the circle of a plate, the music

of metal upon glass. The Carne

came over, marked the winner

with an announcement by loud-

speaker.  A proud father presented

a stuffed tiger to his daughter,

who clutched a half eaten hot dog

while nearby a local band sang

and beat drums while dancing

girls performed in primal rhythm.


~ by dianeklammer on March 20, 2013.

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