“Can You Hear Me Now?”



     It’s four o’clock in the afternoon.  The driver puts her cell phone to her ear.  John sits in the back seat of a red van, just one of five passengers who hears the radar machine buzz away while the driver zooms down the highway at eighty-five miles per hour talking about meetings, making appointments with clients.

     As the van jerks, the tires shake over the highway while he watches scenery fly by in a whir and thinks, “Hey, Slow down.  I’m here on this earth.   And I don’t want to leave.”


     John reminisces while he leans back in the van. He paid five hundred dollars a day for a seminar where some jerk of a VIP sits in front of an audience of five hundred, spouting off one expert opinion after another.  The VIP pontificates until his cell rings. Then he gets up and leaves for a full ten minutes.  “Wait.” John thinks, “Didn’t I turn mine off already?” as he sits and stare at an empty stage while the chair eats a hole in his butt and his back screws up.    So John gets up and walks out, crashing right into the VIP as he walks back in. 


The man driving in front of the van is talking on his cell phone while driving a motorcycle one handed.


     It’s suddenly dark.  Tires screech.   The movie about a car accident had been going on for over an hour.  John’s dizzy and distracted but still paying attention until a bright light flashes in his face.   He realizes it’s not a star from the screen, or a flashlight.  Maybe the person next to him is texting or playing video games with her cell phone.   John visibly shields his eyes until the woman turns it off.   She does not turn it off.  It gets bigger, a searchlight blinding him. Sirens start screaming.  Everyone in the theater is screaming.  John’s in that van screaming, “I want to leave.”   


      The family in a blue Chevy drives by and sees a large mass of metal.    At first it looks like a red and silver Mylar balloon, but when they get closer they see the back end of a silver motorcycle and the driver realizes that whoever is in that red van is not going to come out.  He shakes his head and puts his cell phone away.

~ by dianeklammer on March 16, 2013.

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