Water Therapy

Image“The beauty of the rain is how it falls.”               Dar Williams

When I take a swim in the warm water pool

at Mapleton, I think of absence of gravity,

the back pain from stenosis dissolving,

into the playfulness of the day.


In the water yesterday, a woman told me

me of a man dying from Lou Gahrig’s

disease who asked his family to have

him submerged underwater.


He died only two days after this ‘baptism.’

What if the transition is through water,

floating back into womb, change

of breath, reemerging anew


through the primordial wetness of evolution,

from amoebas, to fishes, frogs, eventually

to humans with their lofty spirituality?

When humans think of paradise,


they often emphasize air, flight, ascension.

When they think of the opposite, it’s

fire, destruction, downfall.  Earth,

a familiar planetary boundary,


comforts and stabilizes, but it’s vital water,

refreshing sweat, aquatic buoyancy

fluidity, renewal and  propulsion

that carries me through.

~ by dianeklammer on March 12, 2013.

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